In pursuit of our Purpose of challenging the global perception regarding Differently Abled Persons OCAL GLOBAL has achieved a myriad of milestones, mainly through financial commitments of the founding directors, that include: –


Leading a team of amputees including the world’s first triple amputee athlete to summit Mount Kilimanjaro – thereby conclusively proving that “Differently Abled” Persons can achieve any and all things that “Abled” persons are capable of – only DIFFERENTLY.


OCAL2016 JOURNEY FOR CHANGE a non-stop 24 hour, epic 10 day 1 800 km journey from Cape Town to Pretoria, culminated in the Wings For Life World Run 2016 undertaken by a team of 9 “ordinary” runners, 2 hand cyclists and an amputee raising funds for the Design & Development of the first locally produced Hand Cycle that was later used in the OCAL2017 Journey for Change.


OCAL GLOBAL together with the Department of Social Development hosted a comprehensive one-day inspirational workshop whereby young Differently Abled kids were able to interact with, and learn from, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Human Resource Specialists, radio personalities, actors and actresses, and presenters.


OCAL2017 JOURNEY FOR CHANGE a non-stop 24 hour, epic 10 day 2 100 km journey from Cape Town to Pretoria, culminated in the Wings For Life World Run 2017 undertaken by a team of 10 “ordinary” runners, and 2 hand cyclists, again not only to raise awareness but also raising ±R40 000 towards buying sporting gear for the Tembaletu LSEN learners; achieving 3 times the views achieved by the 2017 Usain Bolt on the Puma YouTube.


In 2017 OCAL GLOBAL piloted a project with Tembaletu LSEN learners aimed at promoting surfing amongst Differently Abled Persons, further fostering the paradigm shift that “there is no such thing as disability but only Differently Abled individuals – that achieve things Differently”.


In partnership with Puma SA, OCAL GLOBAL has committed to the development of 4 current Tembaletu LSEN learners aimed at capacitating them to participate in the 2020 Summer Paralympic Games in Tokyo.


Mobilising an investment of over R2.5 Million by DHK Architects & Corevest (Pty) Ltd towards the development and approval of plans for the Multi-Purpose Sports Centre at Tembaletu LSEN that will be the very first of its kind within marginalised LSEN schools in the Country.


Mobilising the donation of new tires for the 8 vehicles that are used to collect Tembaletu LSEN learners from home and back every day and weekend.


OCAL GLOBAL is part of a unique project team that is establishing and implementing a pilot project for ‘Universal Beach Access’ in partnership and full support of the eThekwini Municipality where OCAL GLOBAL will supply all Beach Mats for wheel chair Access.


The Tembaletu Therapeutic Rehabilitation Playpark forms part of the broader OCAL ACTIVE INITIATIVE whose main goal is to facilitate “Universal access to adaptive sporting & wellness support for the Schools for Learners with Special Education Needs (LSEN) and associated communities”. The project involved the rehabilitation of a playground at Tembaletu school for LSEN to ensure that it is adapted to be a fully-functional Therapeutic Rehabilitation Play park while at the same time ensuring that it is an inclusive space for all learners at the school.